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studio recording

Studio recording, producing, and editing music is an art unlike any other. Rhaelee integrates many different styles in her work from funk, blues, to jazz and folk. All inclusive genres and genre blends are her favorite to create. Allow Rhaelee to help make your single or EP everything it can be. Click on the Contact now button below and lets go!




"Outstanding job last night Rhaelee! Was a pleasure working with you!"


"Thank you so much for an inspiring and invigorating session the other day. Spirits were high and the essence of music was alive, what a reminder that life is a blessing! Thank you for your care into nourishing my music!"


"Rhaelee demonstrated excellence as a student at IPR. She graduated with honors and accolades in her graduating class due to her hard work and enthusiasm. Now, I am lucky enough to call her my manager for my own artist career! "