the jill of all trades


about me

Bringing the heart and soul back to modern pop music, Rhaelee Gronholz is the newest woman you will want in your playlist. Redefining the status quo of pop, funk and jazz as she eloquently weaves elements of sassy bass lines and powerhouse vocals into her latest single “Do You”. Based in Minneapolis, Rhaelee brings a confidence to each show she has, and every show she works. Notably a “Jill of All Trades”, Rhaelee’s work in the industry spans beyond just performing, and bleeds into making the music happen - both in the studio and in live sound. Sophisticated in her sound, and confident in her personality, Rhaelee makes it impossible for you to keep your finger off the repeat button.

recent release

Do You, is a unique song in the way that it came together, it was all very organic. Rhaelee wrote the structure and lyrics all at once, while sitting in her car. Shortly following the engineering process came the funky bass line, done by no other then the wonderful Dik Shopteau, a renowned Minneapolis engineer and producer. The acoustic and electric guitar was done by Kevin Bowe, another mastered Minneapolis producer. These two added such a spunk to this song that changed the dynamics completely. It was exactly what Rhaelee was looking for. Take a listen for yourself!

Help me grow

As my music career continues to grow, I want to not that it's taken a lot of my own investment to get me where I am today. This is me reaching out and asking for help if you love what I do, and want to support more music that's coming from me. Here is the place to do so. All proceeds will go towards enhancing my music career and helping with the cost of recording and any music videos to follow! I am also starting vocal and musical classes with a collective for schooling systems that lack the funds to keep creative parts involved in children's lives. Thank you so much for reading!


what i'm up to

Rhaelee is developing her new acoustic unplugged album “Organix” (2018 Release). In addition, this fall with many other talented individuals, Rhaelee will be shooting and releasing her music video for her new single Do You! Aside from Rhaelee’s singing career, she is working with her business partner Jose to ensure a motivated and fun first year for their vocal recording company ViviVybes. ViviVybes is apart of what makes Rhaelee’s sound so unique, and you can expect to see them on the recording for her 2018 album! Connect below to stay informed with what Rhaelee is working on next!


ViviVybes is a niche vocal recording company based in Minneapolis Minnesota. Rhaelee and Jose are the Cofounders and CEOs of ViviVybes and have already made their mark on the music industry. As Rhaelee continues to build her artist career, her company ViviVybes will be the foundation of her sound and every album she records!